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Mini Motos & Quad Bikes

We have received reports of mini motos being ridden in the Leadon Valley picnic area on the A449 and also on the main roads with riders not wearing helmets and riding with two people on the bikes.

This location will be closely monitored but we would encourage anyone to call in should they witness bikes being ridden here or anywhere they shouldn't be.


Make sure you know the law and consider safety before buying, or allowing your child to ride, a mini moto/quad.
Mini motos/quads are regarded as ‘motor vehicles’ by the government and must be constructed to a specific standard in order to be ridden on a public highway.
As well as meeting construction requirements, mechanically propelled vehicles also need DVLA registration, road tax and a valid MOT to be used on a public highway.
The rider must also be aged 17 or over (or 16 if the vehicle meets the definition of a moped); hold a valid driving licence and have valid motor insurance and wear suitable safety equipment (e.g. motorcycle helmet).
If the conditions outlined are not met it is illegal to ride a mini moto/quad on the road and they should only be ridden on privately owned land with the permission of the land owner or at a specialist site.

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