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Is your vehicle insurance up to date??

This week is #OpDriveInsured – a national road safety operation to highlight the issues of driving with no insurance. 


Motorists in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire are being reminded of the consequences and implications of driving without valid insurance. 


Detecting vehicles with no insurance is a year round commitment for us. In support of the Safer West Mercia Plan enforcement takes place across the three counties 24/7, ensuring that all our road users are kept safe. Last year we dealt with just over 2,000 motorists for no insurance across the area.


Every year more than 130 people are killed on the roads of Great Britain by uninsured drivers and more than 20,000 claims relating to uninsured driving are received by the Motor Insurance Bureau. Each day, at least one person is so seriously injured by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver, they require life-long care. Every four minutes an uninsured vehicle is seized by police.


The aim of the operation is to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage motorists to check when their insurance is due to avoid any lapse in cover but to also target those motorists intentionally using the roads without insurance.

Is your vehicle showing as insured on the Motor Insurance Database?


Check for free at www.askMID.com

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